UNSEEN - Scent creation “Alungrun” for photo exhibition of the Berlin marathon, Berlin (D)

22-25 Sept. 2023

other AI - artificial intelligence exhibition, Scent creation “Isolated Volatility”, Berlin (D)

11-06 July 2023

Immersive Dinner Event by H-E-B, 6 scent creations, Dallas/Taxas (US)

October 2022

12wyk Inferno group exhibition Scent creations, Cisternino (IT)

September 2022

Brussels Collectible Fair 12wyk Inferno group exhibition, scent creations (BE)

May 2022

XJAZZ Festival Berlin Scent creation for opening ceremony in collaboration with Anna Thomas (D)

May 2022

Scent creation & workshops of Scent Club Berlin related to installation Hyperdrüse in collaboration with artist Anna Virnich at Schering Stiftung Berlin (D)

October 2019

Scent Club Berlin Scent Workshops and Olfactory Tours during Immersion/Welt Ohne Außen exhibition at Berliner
Festspiele, Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin (D)

July 2018

Scent Club Berlin Perspektivwechsel guided tour for visitors’ noses at Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart Berlin (D)

February 2018

Smell Me Smell You Smell Dating by Smell Lab at Polytech Festival, Moscow (RUS) & at STATE Festival, Festival for open science, art and society, Berlin (D)

December 2018 & October 2016