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Scent Club Berlin was co-founded by Mareike Bode and operated from 2017 until mid-2020.

Scent Club Berlin was a collective of artists, designers, scientists and those working in and between fields of smells and scents. The group focused on scent and olfaction as a medium for art, science, and technology, expression and experimentation. Since its inception, the group has created interactive installations in which the visitors became not only observers, but also participants in the work.

Workshops and exhibitions were held at e.g. “Perspektivwechsel” in Hamburger Bahnhof; at “Welt Ohne Außen” in Martin Gropius Bau; with Anna Virnich at Schering Stiftung; at Polytech Festival Moscow; at MMOMA Moscow; State Festival Berlin; ACUD Berlin and many other facilities. 

The community of smell enthusiasts met up monthly at Spektrum Berlin-Neukölln. Everybody who was interested in experimenting with the sense of smell was invited to join to share their knowledge and connect with other smell enthusiasts.