Mareike Bode

Scent Artist



Scent for Berlin Marathon Exhibition UNSEEN


Scent blend of natural essential oils, mirror glass, professional diffuser.

Upon entering the exhibition space, visitors subconsciously inhale a distinct scent, only later realizing that this enigmatic aroma is emanating from a mirrored box in the next room.

“Alungrun” adds a specially created olfactory note to the marathon photo exhibition. It is based on a mix of associations of the Berlin Marathon behind the scenes; underneath and around the runners’ running shoes; and the air outside and inside the runners’ and photographers’ lungs.

The concept of a marathon as a communal

With the goal of lending olfactory and energizing support to the runners, photographers, and unseen moments of the Berlin Marathon, woody and resin ingredients yield a grounding effect while providing a solid foundation for a successful race. Meanwhile, the blend’s citrusy notes inspire a motivating force within us. An olfactory experience can serve as a reminder of how beautiful yet fleeting a marathon can be – something we work so hard and long for, and from which we can draw so much.

Exhibition photos by Sam Portillo and Jorge Alvarado. 

︎22-25 September 2023

Isolated Volatility 

Scent for other-AI exhibition

Isolated Volatility

︎Scent for ai exhibition
︎11-16 July 2023

A scent designed for the "other-ai" exhibition on artificial intelligence.

Unlike the abstract and still enigmatic image associated with the subject of artificial intelligence, the scent "Isolated Volatility" embraces a distinctly familiar green aroma reminiscent of freshly mowed grass, grass roots with slightly fruity undertones that permeates the concrete, gray ambiance of Lobeblock. Pure natural essential oils and natural isolates are dispersed using a professional diffuser, which is concealed within a mirrored box that reflects the surroundings.

Exhibition photos by Jacopo La Forgia.