Mareike Bode

Scent Artist


Mucho Mucho Amor

Aroma Spray for 908

Mucho Mucho Amor

Natural Aroma Spray for 908

In collaboration with 908: Agata Malinowska, Christoph Hartmann, Hendrik Woitkowiak, Stephan Hartmann, Luis Bustamante, Steffen Baumgart, Thibaut d’Alton, Stephan Wachtberger, Ilia Berg. 

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Scent for Berlin Marathon Exhibition UNSEEN


Scent blend of natural essential oils, mirror glass, professional diffuser.

Upon entering the exhibition space, visitors subconsciously inhale a distinct scent, only later realizing that this enigmatic aroma is emanating from a mirrored box in the next room.

“Alungrun” adds a specially created olfactory note to the marathon photo exhibition. It is based on a mix of associations of the Berlin Marathon behind the scenes; underneath and around the runners’ running shoes; and the air outside and inside the runners’ and photographers’ lungs.

The concept of a marathon as a communal

With the goal of lending olfactory and energizing support to the runners, photographers, and unseen moments of the Berlin Marathon, woody and resin ingredients yield a grounding effect while providing a solid foundation for a successful race. Meanwhile, the blend’s citrusy notes inspire a motivating force within us. An olfactory experience can serve as a reminder of how beautiful yet fleeting a marathon can be – something we work so hard and long for, and from which we can draw so much.

Exhibition photos by Sam Portillo and Jorge Alvarado. 

︎22-25 September 2023